Friday, June 06, 2008

Accounting Hiring Holds Steady

A new survey from Robert Half shows the accounting job market appears to be holding steady, with employers neither increasing or decreasing their staff. Okay. But this part's interesting:

"Skilled professionals are still in demand," says Keith Feinberg, director of permanent placement services for Robert Half's New York office. "The only chink is that people really need to sell themselves to potential employers."

In today's market, employers are looking beyond technical skills and seeking interpersonal skills, as well. "Two years ago, if you had the skills you were in," says Feinberg. "Now it's are you getting along with everyone, can you grow with the organization, and will you add value to the organization? It's a more competitive landscape and you're competing with more people for the job."

Here's Dona DeZube's story.

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