Monday, October 13, 2008

Your Layoff To-Do List

Judging from what I'm reading on, Deloitte is continuing layoffs. I particularly liked this post by an anonymous guest talking about how to prepare if you're thinking you might get called into a meeting with HR this week.

If you feel concerned, go with your gut. You should get ready for the meeting request, with HR present, don't be fooled that it is for a pep talk. Nothing really to do or talk about at that point.

Severance is provided based on years of service and your level, PTO is paid out, an additional 4 weeks is provided if you sign a doc agreeing not to call your lawyer.

Action Items: backup your contacts, do what you need to do, plan to convert your cell number to yourself, get an AmEx Blue card (free) so as not to loose your AmEx points when account is termed (Points remain for 30 days only!!!!).

Now you are ready to begin your Q4 2008 job search. Very straight forward. Keep your chin up and reach out to your network. Just like you are taught here, Network, Network, Network...Be prepared and organized like a good consultant. Once done try to have some fun with the time now on your hands.

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Ben Wright said...

As employees are shown the door, an employer is wise to hang onto their e-mail records. --Ben