Monday, February 25, 2008

Oh, What A Firm Will Do...

It's probably no surprise that firms are doing most anything within reason to keep their accountants happy, given it's tax season and all. If you're not getting fed often and well, you might want to compare your work environment to that of KAWG&F in Annapolis, Md.
KAWG&F, a public accounting firm with an office in Annapolis, set up a "fun committee" to plan snow-tubing events, sports team parties, charitable initiatives - and plenty of meals.

"The firm is a big believer in providing lots of food for the staff," said CPA Stephen Kullman, a company shareholder in charge of the Annapolis office on Admiral Cochrane Drive. "We have breakfast brought in three times a week, lunch on Saturdays and we do have several happy hours that we sponsor throughout the tax season."

How does all this go over? accountant Marie Carbone is one of the firm's "rising stars." The 28-year-old said she appreciates the constant snacks her Annapolis office provides and said she's already looking forward to the after-tax-season party at Ruth's Chris Steak House on Severn Avenue.

Ms. Carbone said the incentives offered by KAWG&F were a big part of why she took the job in October. She's never come across so many perks.

"The list just kept going on and on," she said.
Firms offer perks to help their accountants survive the tax season [The Capital]

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