Wednesday, February 06, 2008

No Surprise

What's interesting about this report by the Associated Press isn't the main topic - hiring's good at accounting firms - but that the general business media seems to be noticing how strong the job market is for accountants right now. A week or so ago, we saw a similar piece in The Wall Street Journal, and I've noticed other versions in local newspapers. The focus of this piece is on interns.
All the firms said interns are a key to their success.

"Interns are your best channel to filling your full-time positions," said Diane Borhani, Deloitte & Touche's U.S. campus recruiting leader.

"The way the labor market is, with the boomers retiring, it's imperative companies hire. By 2010 we think that half our work force is going to be Generation Y," said Dan Black, director of campus recruiting at Ernst & Young LLP.
It's more good news for anyone interested in swapping jobs, or students planning the start of their careers. And another reason for a deep sigh from executives looking for someone to hire.

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