Friday, August 08, 2008

Spreading Out

Here's another CPA firm offering marketing services to its clients:

The accounting firm of Bryan P. Fitzsimmons, CPA now offers marketing services to help grow and support businesses.


The new marketing services offered through Bryan P. Fitzsimmons, CPA include individual consultation with clients to learn about their businesses, goals and plans. A marketing report will then be prepared that will offer suggestions to address those items discussed in the consultation.
A while ago, we reported on how California's Armanino McKenna had created a communications consulting division.

We still think this is an interesting movement, where firms of various sizes are looking for new opportunities to leverage their close relationships with clients in strategic ways - and ways which go beyond accounting and finance. What it means for accountants themselves is anybody's guess, but we're betting it's going to make soft skills even more important for those who aspire to firm management, since they may end up managing people in professions the typical CPA isn't all that familiar with.

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