Monday, September 15, 2008

Advertising that Hits Them Where they Sit

If you want to lure a big city Big 4 accountant to a job in the 'burbs, you’ve got to cast your reel in the right pond. For Cerini & Associates, that means advertising for experienced hires by putting ads at the Ronkonkoma and Huntington Long Island New York Rail Road stations, where accountants board the train for the two-hour ride into Manhattan.

Matthew Armandi, senior manager in charge of recruitment at Cerini & Associates tells Long Island Business News reporter Laura Glasser why his firm is trying non-traditional advertising and pitching work/life balance:
The Big Four have the resources to attract the best and the brightest right out of college, but after one to two years, those people find the money isn’t worth the extra time they have to spend at work,” Armandi told the paper. “We can target those people because we know they’re already very good at what they do.
On Long Island, the economy has accounting firms working harder, in part because of an uptick in the number of companies needing help restructuring. Read the whole feature to see what else is going on up there.

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