Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Golfing For Business

We've all heard that golfing together is a widely used tool for forging connections among business associates - especially service providers (such as accountants) and prospective clients. There are even statistics to prove it.

In 2002, Starwood Hotels surveyed 401 business executives about mixing golf with work. A recent AccountingWeb commentary mixed information from the Starwood study with tips from Debbie Waitkus, a consultant and business golf-coach.

Here are some key tidbits: 97 percent of the executives surveyed called golf with a business associate a good way to cement a relationship, and 92 percent said they use it to make business contacts. About half said it helps them win customers' business. On the other hand, it's important to show your best behavior while golfing for business. Most executives said that if someone cheated or was a "hothead" on the golf course, they'd peg that person as prone to commit the same sins at work. (At the same time, 82 percent admitted to cheating on the golf course themselves; a similar number admitted to cheating in business.)

Is golf just “A good walk spoiled” or a premier business tool? [AccountingWeb]

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