Friday, December 05, 2008

Recruiting Video Was a Parody, Says Author

Two days ago (Dec. 3) we described what we considered an over-the-top video designed to recruit financial advisors away from Merrill Lynch (about to be absorbed by Bank of America) and Wachovia (set to be acquired by Wells Fargo).

Its creator, Darin Manis of Colorado recruiting firm RJ and Makay, has responded. Here's what Darin says:

The video was meant to be a parody on what has happened with the financial sector this year and how aggressive recruiting has become for Financial Advisors.

Most of the response we have received from advisors has been positive and most have thought it was a humorous video. There are a lot of inside jokes that people who aren't advisors likely wouldn't get.

We make fun of ourselves (as recruiters) and poke fun at a some others as well. Our other videos have been of such a serious nature that we wanted to have a bit of humor in this latest release.

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