Friday, December 12, 2008

Sandwich-Board Banker Lands Job

Having a tough time landing a job after being laid off from investment banking? Make a cardboard sandwich sign to hang over yourself as you walk down Park Avenue handing out your resumes.

It set Joshua Persky down the road to a new position, even if it didn't actually seal the deal, according to a profile in yesterday's New York Post. Laid off from Houlihan Lokey a year ago, Persky walked Park Avenue passing out his resume while wearing an MIT-graduate-for-hire sign, The Post reports.

Publicity led Persky to drop the sandwich board and create a blog, which a recruiter passed along to the accounting firm that eventually hired him as a senior manager, Weiser LLP.

Almost as amusing as Adam Nichols' feature are the comments following the story, including charges that Persky stole his advertising ideas from homeless people in New York, who apparently walk around with sandwich boards on all the time.

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