Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Caturano Drops Vitale Name

Vitale, Caturano & Co., Ltd., Boston, is changing its name to Caturano and Company effective May 1st. The move to drop the name of partner Richard Vitale comes after a Suffolk County grand jury indicted Vitale on 10 charges, alleging he lobbied his friend, House Speaker Sal DiMasi, without being properly licensed as a lobbyist and violated campaign finance laws.

Caturano spokesperson Joe Grillo said: “Due to challenges we have faced over the past year regarding our firm name, our partners and shareholders have voted to change the name of the firm to Caturano and Company...We want to underscore that our mission has not changed: provide outstanding service to our clients, grow our business, and create opportunities for our staff to advance and enjoy rewarding careers."

The state attorney general’s office said Vitale, Caturano cooperated with its investigation and added that Richard Vitale is no longer affiliated with the firm. The allegations against Vitale involve a separate firm that Vitale owns, WN Advisors LLC, the AG’s office said.

The company will also change its Web site from www.vitale.com to www.caturanoandcompany.com.

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