Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New E&Y S. Calif. Leader Has Diversity Goals

From California, James Rubin writes:

Women accountants and those from minority groups who are seeking positions with larger, full service firms in the western U.S., take note. Maho Jordan, who took over as Ernst & Young’s Pacific Southwest people team leader last year, is looking to recruit a more diverse workforce. A veteran accountant at the firm, she now oversees recruiting for major E&Y hubs in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. She assumed her role when Bin Wolfe took over as people team leader for China.

Jordan said that among other objectives she hoped to expand on Wolfe’s diversity efforts. “My goal is to build on the success of my predecessor by taking Ernst & Young's diversity and inclusiveness efforts to the next level, which is a critical priority for the success of our global organization. Diversity of perspective is essential in today’s global environment. Today more than ever, the organizations with the best talent and the widest perspective will be successful.”

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