Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Florida Job Picture

If you’re an accountant looking for work in Florida, think smaller. 

At least that’s what a veteran recruiter of finance professionals in the state is advising. Jason Zigman of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based Kunin Associates says that a number of small and mid-sized businesses have job openings. Zigman has been recruiting CPAs for a dozen years. He says that he recently helped fill accounting and budgeting positions at a private education/healthcare company, a controller with a healthcare provider and auditing and taxation staff roles at an aviation parts firm. In addition, while Big Four accounting firms have had layoffs in the state, some boutique firms are hiring. Zigman warns that compensation will be lower at smaller organizations, particularly in the present economic climate. But he also says that these companies afford more opportunities to work directly with clients’ senior management. Zigman says that most of the openings are occurring around major urban centers, although his firm has spoken with potential candidates and employers throughout the state. “We’re trying to identify people who are hiring," Zigman says. "We’re meeting with everyone.”

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