Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Opportunities for CPAs in California Education

Education is one of the two major sectors -- along with healthcare -- where a number of economists have predicted job growth. In California, couple that trend with an expected shortage of certified business officials -- managers and other staff overseeing school audits and other finance activities and the result is likely to be more job opportunities for West Coast accountants than in other industries. The California Society of CPAs Education foundation will hold separate but identical School Districts Conferences May 5 in Ontario for Southern California accountants and May 6 in Sacramento for Northern California accountants. Among other topics, the events will cover changes and trends in auditing school districts. Aubrey King, co-chair of the conferences and a partner at Wilkinson Hadley King & Co. near San Diego, says that many CBOs are approaching retirement and that there's a shortage of people with experience in school accounting. Over the past five years, her firm with its large practice auditing a growing number of charter schools statewide has doubled in size from six to a dozen people. "Our competition always seems to be hiring as well," King says. "The good thing about auditing school districts and governmental entities is that regardless of the economy, it's required by law." 

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