Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy Tank Day

Since early this morning, the news junkie in me has been watching the overseas stock markets and reading the predictions that the market is going to tank today. Time will tell, of course, but I don't think anyone much doubts business in general is heading for some kind of slowdown. That, of course, makes me think of corporate austerity programs, scaled back retention efforts, maybe finance chiefs will say they don't really need that extra staffer they've been looking for over the last year. Then I hear from someone who says, "Naaaaw. Not in Accounting. There's not going to be any kind of let up there."

Wishful thinking? Maybe. On the other hand, this guy argues there's still a structural deficit in the number of able bodies out there who are trained and ready to do the work, which has to be done, slowdown or now slowdown.

Stuff to think about. If you've got thoughts, let me know.

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