Thursday, January 03, 2008

More on Deloitte

Some interesting comments came in overnight to Myra Thomas's interview with Anne C. Weisberg, a director specializing in talent diversity at Deloitte Services LP. They talked about Deloitte's rollout of a "Mass Career Customization program" and the impact the firm hopes it will have on retention and employees satisfaction. One comment begins:
I work for Deloitte Consulting, and the consultant in me says "show me the data". While this is a summary article, I rather doubt that the airy-fairy "career customization" discussed here results in markedly improved employee satisfaction. The service professionals in Deloitte's practice groups aren't concerned with trying to make their 40 hours a week as pleasant as possible, they're interested in working as hard and as long as necessary to deliver the best client service (and thus help their own careers). A good line of communication from HR, in that line of thinking, would be whatever impacts the client-service employees the LEAST, takes as little of their time as possible away from working and sleeping.
Check it all out, and add your own thoughts here.

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