Thursday, January 24, 2008

What about Roberta in Accounting?

How do you feel about being called "Bob in accounting" and being too thoughtless to encrypt your data? “[I]f large corporations and government agencies can't seem to get into the habit of encrypting sensitive information, how can you expect Bob in accounting to do the same? Besides, encryption is a hassle. It's another step between Bob and his spreadsheets. Who needs more friction in their lives?” asks InfoWeek Blogger George Hulme.

Hulme writes about technology to control the flow of information into and out of companies, including stopping downloads from desktops to storage devices.

“(I)t presumably will be easier to lock down those gadgets, so if they're lost nothing of value can be gleaned from the drive. Will Bob do it? Will more companies now use encryption?” Hulme wonders

We wonder if any accountants are going to be willing to do Hulme’s taxes after reading the blog .

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