Monday, May 05, 2008

Good Times for Mississippi Accounting Grads

Accounting students in Mississippi are riding strong job market, with the slowing economy presenting few bumps. Mark Wilder, dean of the University of Mississippi's Patterson School of Accountancy, told the Mississippi Business Journal:
"While we have received some feedback that the economic slowdown will translate into fewer future jobs, we haven't seen much evidence of that to date," he said. "The recruiting process has changed on our campus over the past few years in that there is a strong focus on hiring students to do internships during the spring semester of their senior year. These students typically receive full-time job offers at the end of the internship."
Mississippi State University and the University of Southern Mississippi report similar conditions.
"This year really looks good," said Rusty Anderson, director of Career Services (at USM). "So many industries want them (accounting grads), including banks and healthcare - that's part of the demand. About one-fourth will go to work in firms, 35% to 30% will work in other industries in accounting related jobs and others will use the degree to go into other fields."
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