Friday, May 09, 2008

Tips for Surviving a Recession

Although the U.S. jobless rate declined last month, it's still important to work toward recession-proofing your career. Here's a list of tips from Alexis de Bretteville, CEO of the Americas at Michael Page International, a leading global recruiting firm. We've mentioned just about all of these ideas before, but it's advice worth repeating.

1. Strengthen your network. Contact former employers, bosses and colleagues, and stay connected.

2. Consider a career move. A downturn is a good time to go back to school or to change careers.

3. Go abroad. Broaden your horizons and find a recruiting firm that can help you search overseas as well as stateside.

4. Review your online presence. Leverage online organizations such as LinkedIn. Consider developing your own website, search for any "digital dirt" on you that comes up in Web searches, and do all you can to correct it.

5. Practice interviewing.

6. Enhance your professional development. Take a course in your field, read that book that has been collecting dust on your desk

7. Join industry associations and networking groups. You'll meet contacts, it looks great on your resume and will broaden your industry perspective.

8. Update your resume. Make sure both its content and design are current.

9. Publish yourself: Write a book, write and distribute a print or e-newsletter, start a blog, or all of the above!

10. Relax… A recession is out of your control. Take these steps and then do your best to remain confident about your prospects.

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