Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Friedman Merges with Chortek & Gottschalk

David Friedman, CPA, has merged wtih Chortek & Gottschalk, LLP, Waukesha, Wisconsin, giving the firm new offices in Northbrook, Illinois and Beverly Hills. Five professionals who, like Friedman, specialize in forensic accounting, will also join Chortek & Gottschalk.

In addition to forensic work, Friedman specializes in accounting, tax planning and financial consulting for those in the entertainment industry. The bulk of that work is done in the firm’s Beverly Hills office, but Chicago is actually a pretty active market for entertainment, especially live theater, and a lot of talent hails from the Windy City, Friedman says.

They’re not looking to add any staff at this point, but he suggests you keep them in mind for future employment. “Both firms have a strong dedication to quality, we’re not churn-and-burn accounting shops,” he says, adding that the firm's accountant with the least seniority has been there seven years.

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