Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Interview Horror Stories

Mary, a hiring manager in Florida, posted some of the trials she's had to endure as an interviewer as a comment to our story on things not to do during an interview. They're too good not to share here:
I have interviewed probably over 1,000 people over the years. I have been amazed at some of the crazy things people do or say. Here are some memorable ones:

I had several interviews scheduled at a nice hotel lobby (I was traveling to another state to hire and train a branch manager) I walked into the lobby and asked was anyone there for the interview. (someone from the home office had scheduled the interviews and had told them that I would be arriving from location and they would need to introduce themselves and provide me with a resume) Only one gentlemen immediately stood up and introduced himself. I greeted him and sat down and began the interview. 15 minutes later another guy stood up, came over to our table, interrupted the interview and told me off for interviewing out of order. Then he came back again 10 minutes later and interrupted me again, very rudely. Yet he still insisted he wanted to interview. Needless to say he wasn't hired.

People who bring up their sex lives during an interview for retail management.

People who try to bring someone else in the room while they are interviewing.

People who yell or even curse at support staff before or after an interview.... and still expect to be hired.

One guy leaned back and propped his feet on the table during the interview.

One guy didn't realize I was the interviewer and insulted me before he was called to the room. I sent him away.

One guy intervewed very well. I offered him the job and had the discussion regarding salary. He made a request to start at a salary that was at the top of the scale for that position. After discussion with my VP, I agreed and made him an offer at that salary point. He readily agreed and wanted to start right away. However, the next day I received a phone call from the receptionist at the corporate office. He had called and ask to speak with the male who had scheduled the interview, because he wanted to discuss his salary with him. (Incidently, the male was a parttimer who came in to do phone work.) He felt that as a guy he could obtain a salry bump (before working a day) by bypassing me. I decided to rescind his job offer immediately.

and the list could go on for hours..LOL
Six Things Not to Do During an Interview [JITM]

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