Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Note on Networking

Debra Feldman, a job-search consultant who operates as The Job Whiz, writes with some words on networking. Even if you're not looking for a job, it's important to maintain and develop the relationships that could lead you to a new position one day. (Debra notes that over 70 percent of new hires stem from personal recommendations - not the Internet, not a headhunter, not other means.) She suggests:
Design and build a network tailored to your career objectives. Establish connections to hiring decision makers, industry thought leaders, respected academics and other authorities in your field who frequently are asked to recommend candidates for openings in your industry.

Once you are connected, nurture the relationship emphasizing two-way communication. Networking is not a transaction-based experience but a long term investment developing meaningful and credible relationships. Maintain your networking contacts regularly through written correspondence, telephone communication and inperson meetings so you stay top of mind. Of course, it’s awkward to reach out when you are needy; that’s why it is important to stay in touch by exchanging ideas, information, and leads outside of job searching mode.
She's got some other interesting articles on her Web site, including an interesting take on "being a passive candidate."

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