Wednesday, March 05, 2008

More to Work Than Work

There's always discussion about how Millennials, Gen Y'ers, whatever you want to call them view work in a way that's different from us older folks. You know, they want balance and fulfillment and all that. We all complain about it, because we're jealous. In any case,
Says Marian Salzman, a trendspotter and executive vice president at J. Walter Thompson, of Millennial workers: “I don’t think they loathe their jobs. I think they loathe the demands the job puts on them.” A 2004 Northwestern Mutual survey of 1,700 recent college grads found that 73 percent said how they spend their time on the job is more important than how much money they make, while 70 percent said money is not the best measure of success.
Escape From Corporate America [Portfolio]

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