Monday, November 06, 2006

Career Information from the AICPA

The AICPA is offering a free DVD on staff retention to its members. Even though it approaches the issue from the employer's point of view, it's being publicized to audiences like the Young CPA Network (see more here), who aren't all in the position of hiring and managing staffs. I haven't seen the disc yet, so I'm shooting off my mouth a bit here, but tools like this can be valuable for career-management purposes because they can provide insight into what firms are thinking. I've asked the AICPA for a copy, and once I've had a chance to look at it, I'll let you know whether it's worth looking at.

In any case, the AICPA's Web site has a lot of interesting career information on it, in addition to the Young CPAs Network. Check out it's information on work-life balance (here) and general women's issues (here).


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