Monday, April 07, 2008

Debate Goes On in California

More on the measure in California that would ease restrictions on out-of-state CPAs working there.
The (state accounting) board and an association representing the profession want to return to a system of allowing out-of-state accountants to provide many services without notifying the state or paying a fee.

Not so fast, says a consumer advocacy group that closely monitors the accounting board. Considering recent accounting scandals, California consumers need the protections created by the 2004 bill more than ever, the Center for Public Interest Law says.

The center sees the attempt to reverse the law as part of a nationwide push by the accounting profession to loosen oversight that increased after the Enron scandal, which brought down accounting powerhouse Arthur Andersen.
Read all the way to the end and ask yourself: Are you troubled?

Bill targets California's accountant regulations [Sacramento Bee]

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