Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We're Slipping

Manpower just released a study about the most in-demand fields and accounting and finance has slipped to number nine (it was number five last year).

The Manpower survey of nearly 43,000 employers across 32 countries and territories asked which positions were the most difficult to fill due to lack of available talent.

The results were:

2008 Hot Jobs

1. Skilled Manual Trades
2. Sales Representatives
3. Technicians
4. Engineers
5. Management/Executives
6. Laborers
7. Administrative Assistants/PAs
8. Drivers
9. Accounting & Finance staff
10. IT Staff

What’s behind the drop? “Our anecdotal insight is that other jobs could have become more in demand and edged out accounting,” answers a Manpower spokesperson. “Or, it could be due to the downturn of the economy and financial institutions being impacted.”

Not to worry, though, as long as your occupation makes the list, you’re in good shape. “Accounting and finance staff are still very much in demand because they’re in the Top 10,” she points out.

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