Tuesday, November 27, 2007

About Agencies

Chris Russell posts an e-mail complaining about agencies who list positions on job boards, and his reply. The exchange makes points about agencies that job-seekers don't always like to hear, including:
Don't apply for jobs for which you are not qualified. I realize there are some job seekers who are down on their luck right now. But the worst thing you can do is blame somebody else. Make your own luck. Do something unique to stand out. If there is a job you want, go get it. Prove to the company that you are the RIGHT person for the job.
I hate employment agencies [Secrets of the Job Hunt]

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Newport Guy said...

And agencies need to responsible in managing postings that are filled. I can;t tell you the number of positions I have sent in resumes and follow-up on to be told the posting was filled even before I saw it.