Tuesday, November 06, 2007

About Balance

Francine McKenna has a fascinating post on Re: The Auditors about the personality traits of accountants and an alternative view of work-life balance, which - as she notes - is all the rage as a discussion nowadays. I keep trying to summarize it, but I can't do it justice. She get it all rolling with this:
And I don't much like the focus the Big 4 have these days on work-life-family balance and diversity. Not because I am against work, life or family or diversity, but because I think the job is one you choose and the rest is something that you implicitly agree to adjust in order to fit in and do the job well. If I wanted to be off during the summer, I would have been a teacher. If I wanted my team to not miss me when I'm out and clients to be able to live without me when I'm away, I would have become an assembly line worker, able to turn off my job when the whistle blows. If I wanted everyone I work with to know about, respect and celebrate my personal, sexual, and lifestyle choices I would have become a nun.
That alone will get some people hopping. But before you hop, read the whole post here.

Soy Conservative [Re: The Auditors]

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