Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Online Interviewing Help

If you keep thinking you're doing something wrong in your job search, here's an interesting site: NextJob101. Basically, it's a series of video tutorials in interviewing skills, a blog, and a forum, all created by recruiter Vicki Herrod. It costs $30 for a three-month membership, which doesn't strike me as unreasonable if you're looking for ways to polish your performance.

Here's a press release.

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Vicki Herrod, NextJob101 said...

Thanks for picking us up...our goal is to provide street smart, REAL, interview advice to anyone looking to land the job they want. We do it by showing you REAL video of REAL interviews so people can see how their peers answer and then we SHOW you why those answers don't work for employers TODAY. It's contemporary, often funny and useful. With New Year's Resolutions coming up, it's a great tool.