Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pausing on Video Resumes

Even before you get to the legal issues involved in video resumes, I've never been a big fan of them. As a professional, I don't want to have to create one. As a manager, I hate the idea of having to watch a bunch of them any time I hire someone. (The legal issues, by the way, involve discrimination. Since employers aren't allowed to ask a candidate about race, sex, etc., they don't want to have the answers about race, sex, etc., presented to them via a video.) Besides that, I don't want to see how you do in a canned, rehearsed presentation. I want to see how you react to my questions, interact with other people, and in general get a sense of how we'd get along every day.

Still, video resumes are kind of like the moles in whack-a-mole. The idea keeps coming up, usually in some kind of magazine feature article. (Or, of course, there's this.)

Anyway, it seems the "career video" CareerTV is getting out of video resumes. According to the recruiting site, the company said there's not enough interest from employers.

careertv to abandon video resumes [Cheezhead]

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