Monday, December 03, 2007

Is this Job Offer for Real?

JITM director Evan Lesser provides these tips on making sure the job offers coming into your inbox are legitimate:
  • Fake job offers often contain poorly written text, unrealistic salaries, and almost always ask you to respond to a free, public email account like Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, or Hotmail.
  • Fake job offers often ask for unnecessary personal data like contact information, social security number, phone number, passwords, bank accounts, etc.
  • Fake job offers often contain attached files, some of which can be dangerous to open.
  • Fake job offers often "spoof" or pretend they are coming from Web sites like JobsintheMoney or other job boards when in fact they are not. When employers contact you, the reply-to address will never be from JobsintheMoney or a free e-mail account, but rather directly from that employer's own work e-mail account.
Thanks, Evan.

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