Wednesday, December 19, 2007

See Your Future Job at GigZig

Today, you’re a lowly accounting assistant earning $32,000, what will you be in five years? Chances are you’ll be a staff accountant earning $41,557, according to a fun new tool called GigZig launched by PayScale.

Put in your job today and GigZig shows you what people with your job are typically doing five years later. It also shows you what different proportions of them were doing five years ago (which is amusing but not really relevant because who cares what everyone with your position was doing five years ago).

You can also use GigZig to play some “What If” games. Suppose you’re a staff accountant now (median salary $41,557). If you earn your CPA, your salary will rocket to $58,118 and five years from now, you’re most likely to be a controller ($76,481) or a CFO ($120,150). Skip the CPA and you’re most likely to be a senior accountant ($54,819) or an accounting manager ($56,920).

When you tire of looking at accounting positions, you can start checking up on your siblings career choices so you have something to chat about next week at holiday gatherings.

I don’t think I’ll tell my little sister that despite her brilliant performance as “Woman eating BLT and onion rings in the diner” (scheduled to air on General Hospital the day after Christmas!!) five years from now, she’s just as likely to be a teacher, an office admin, a receptionist or a customer service representative as she is to still be an actress.

If I did that, she might, in turn, point out that GigZig is unable to determine the future for bloggers.

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