Friday, December 14, 2007

Job Detective

Sometimes, a little change in perspective can make a world of difference.

A release from career book publishers JIST suggests you think of yourself as a job detective and search out clues about exactly what a company needs.

Investigate everything, says Jim Bright, Ph.D. and Joanne Earl, Ph.D., psychologists and authors of Amazing Resumes. "Learn more about companies that interest you. Gather annual reports, company brochures, trade magazines and industry directories. Use this information to develop a strategy for approaching the employer and to be well-equipped when entering the company’s hiring system," the release suggests (read the whole thing here.) Once you've got that information, you use it to form the answer to the single most important question in job searching: What's in it for Them - or as JIST refers to it: WIIFT? A great interview is one where you can discuss the ways you're going to solve a company's challenges.

JIST has published many great career books - Resume Magic, Cover Letter Magic, The Quick Resume & Cover Letter Book - but my personal favorite title in the JIST line is Jist's Putting the Bars Behind You: Instructor's Resource Manual.

Needed: Job Detective [JIST]

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