Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Lingerie After Accounting

The winner of the Drapers Award for best lingerie retailer in the United Kingdom is Boudiche, an Edinburgh business opened by two former accountants, Clare Thommen and Fiona McLean.

Clare, 29, and Fiona, 32, were having an after-work drink which led to a discussion about their dreams. They then hatched a plan to leave their jobs and created Boudiche.

Clare said: "We worked together as finance managers and one day after work, while having a drink, we joked about what we'd be doing in five years.

"We both said we'd like to have our own business and we had the same dream of running a lingerie boutique. It seemed like fate."

The next day the pair met to draw up a business plan and after winning financial help, they opened the doors of Boudiche 10 months later.

Scots Girls Who Are Queens Of The Undieworld [Daily Record]

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