Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Which Way Does YOUR Head Tilt?

Tonya Reiman has written a book about body language, and she says simple things can say alot about you. "Most people are completely unaware of what their bodies are telling others and how it ends up influencing their careers and love lives," she told the Boston Globe.

Reiman said some of the worst body language flaws in the corporate arena are easily fixed: Getting into others' personal space, slumping onto a chair instead of sitting up straight, not enough or too much eye contact, looking angry, adjusting clothes during the interview, or, perhaps, a woman adjusting her panty hose.

And what about that head tilt?

"If you are going for a job in accounting, law, medicine, or another field bound by a strict code of ethics, tilt your head to the right," she said. "Trying to become America's Next Top Model? Tilt to the left."
Gesture your way up the corporate ladder [Boston Globe]

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