Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's About My Career, Stupid

The class of 2008's business majors seemed more focused on where their careers might take them rather than how much they'll receive in their first pay packet. A survey of 2,400 college students by KPMG found the top consideration for 57 percent of job-seeking accounting students is career opportunities.

Dona DeZube writes:
A scant 12 percent of the students said salary and benefits packages would be their primary consideration in selecting an employer. But that may be because the salaries offered students fall in a tight range.
And, some bits that we didn't make it into the story itself, but are still interesting:
About 22 percent said work-life balance was their primary consideration in selecting an employer. Despite the accounting scandals of recent years, only 9 percent picked "employer's reputation" as the primary consideration in their job search.

Other perks popular with the surveyed students:
  • An active mentoring program: 23 percent;
  • Availability of flexible work schedules 32 percent;
  • Support of employee volunteerism/philanthropy;
  • Ability to travel/relocate internationally 17 percent and
  • Generous benefit package 24 percent.
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