Thursday, May 17, 2007

The CEO's Office, By the Numbers

Marla Gottschalk, a one-time Peat Marwick auditor who's now chief executive of the Pampered Chef, talks about her career path with the Chicago Tribune.

As an auditor, you're focused on everything that's been done, things that already happened. After three years of this, I was given a chance to do some soft consulting. I liked doing more prospective assignments. I wanted to be on the front end of decision-making rather than the back end.

On work-life balance, she says:

My husband, Andy, a KPMG partner, is incredibly supportive. We have two daughters. After we had children, we jointly decided we'd continue our careers. Both of us share household and family responsibilities. That means we both work smarter.

Being a mom has had a positive impact on my career. You learn to do what's really important, what drives the business, and delegate more to the people who work for you to get the job done.

Numbers added up to move into a Pampered way of life [Chicago Tribune]

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