Thursday, May 24, 2007

Neither Up Nor Out

KPMG recently inaugurated an internal Web site aimed at helping its employees find alternative career paths, Dona DeZube reports on JobsintheMoney.

Although the traditional “up or out” model isn’t about to disappear, KPMG’s move is the latest of numerous steps by CPA firms to encourage experienced accountants to remain in the profession beyond the point where family or other considerations take them off the partner track.

"Only one in 10 will make partner, so the challenge is how do we motivate people to stay longer in a professional career," says Joe Maiorano, executive director of Workplace Solutions for KPMG, Montvale, N.J. "We're trying to create a culture where people are affiliated with KPMG for life, whether they stay with us for life or come here at some point in their career."

The article also offers expert tips for CPAs with management responsibilities who want to cut back or even exit the work force for awhile. The good news is, a well-prepared pitch for a less intense schedule and responsibilities most likely will be well received. Seventy-five percent of accounting firms offer some sort of flex-time arrangements.

Stepping Off the Fast Track [JITM]

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